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moncler coats for women Videos and gifs must show regret. Sometimes the display of regret is unmistakable. It can be evident in someone face, or in their moncler uk outlet body language. Sometimes it a judgment call. If you think it works, try uk moncler outlet it out. If we delete it, you were wrong. We are Reddit moderators. We are always right! moncler coats for women

moncler chicago A fail is not a regret. Some ripper eating a swellbow while trying to bone a rail on the backside, (that skater lingo for a bad crash. I looked it up (made it up)), isn regret. There should be a look of surprise, and an expression that clearly says, “Oh no. Oh, God no. cheap moncler coats mens I really should not have done that. Why moncler outlet sale did moncler sale I do that?” moncler chicago

moncler coats sale If cheap moncler sale the moncler usa video is longer than 20 seconds, please use a tag to tell everyone when the lead up to the regrettable moment begins. For example [regret at 4:20]. Or post the video queued up to the point moncler womens jackets where things get good and the regret quickly follows. But, best moncler jackets ultimately, these are just excellent cheap moncler jackets mens suggestions. You the director. Make it good. And don worry. If it sucks, we get rid of it for you. moncler coats sale

Moncler Factory Outlet No compilations. Just pick one good thing and go with it. Everybody likes it when you moncler online store do that. Moncler Factory Outlet

moncler jacket online We love animals. They are capable of regret, but we don want to see videos where their regret is the fault of humans, involves cruelty, injury or is in any way unpleasant. moncler jacket online

cheap moncler jackets outlet No Dannys. If your name is Danny and we find out we will ban moncler sale outlet you. cheap moncler jackets outlet

moncler outlet mall Doxing, brigading, and witch hunting are not allowed. moncler outlet mall

moncler coats This includes derailing commentary sections to complain about prolific users, and by that we mean “Gallowboob is not against the rules”. Complaining about the moncler sale online OP rather than the content is an easy way to earn a temporary ban. moncler coats

cheap moncler coats for women The moderators reserve the right to remove posts comments, and to ban users at our own discretion. If we feel your post doesn fit, we remove it. If you are an abusive person, or an intolerable troll, we just might ban you. If you feel that your post or comment has been removed unfairly, please feel free to message us. We try to be nice. We not perfect but we really are working on it. cheap moncler coats for women

moncler jackets for women If you see someone breaking the rules, please message the mods and let us know. moncler jackets for women

moncler coats outlet Story time. When I was in Shanghai they have one of those glass floor things on a tall building I think there might be something similar at the grand canyon. moncler coats outlet

moncler jackets mens I was like yep. moncler outlet prices Not afraid of heights. People around me were getting nervous but whatever, I do what cheap moncler jackets womens I want. moncler jackets mens

moncler outlet woodbury So I got out of the elevator, ready to tear this shit up, walked straight up to the glass floor and just froze. My body just noped moncler outlet the fuck out. Everyone else was fairly chilled out about it but I always been pretty skittish of heights, and I felt almost physically sick trying to walk around on it, until I accustomed to it after 10 20 mins of tiptoeing onto it and then running back off again. moncler outlet woodbury

moncler coats for men A group of us were fishing around some rigs a few miles offshore. One of the guys gets pretty seasick and decides he wants to get off the boat. He asks us to get him close to the rig so he can climb on it and get some stable ground for a while. The swells are probably 4′. So the boat is up and down, up and down. He can barely touch the bottom of the ladder at the top of each crest. He goes for it. He misses the ladder and decides to try and wrap himself around the pylon. He slides down it like a cartoon. Arms and legs wrapped around it like an elf on a shelf, slowly sliding down. Screaming the entire time that he needs help. Into the moncler outlet store water. The bottom of the pylon was covered in barnacles and they are sharp! His stomach, chest, inside of arms and legs, all cut to shit. Light cloud of blood kinda forming around him. Now he’s trying to get back in the boat with those big ass swells. So it’s the same thing, he can barely grab hold as the boat tips back down. The entire time one moncler jacket of the guys is standing over the front of the boat repeatedly telling him, better get in the boat. Sharks gonna get ya. Get in the boat. The rest of us were howling. This one wouldn have been too high maybe 20 25 feet high, but the discount moncler jackets cliff face came out quite a bit and you had to jump quite a fair amount to actually hit moncler outlet online the water and not just rocks at the bottom of the cliff. Anyway, me and guy number one are looking at the cliff and deciding who jumps first while the third guy walks off to the side to pee. First guy runs and jumps off the cliff, sticks the landing and looks like the water is great down below, so I follow soon after. The third guy taking a pee then comes over after both of us had jumped and looks a little nervous, and keeps running cheap moncler jackets and stopping before the end of the cliff. Anyways two minutes later of him stopping last second he runs right up to the edge, and we all thought he was going to jump, but last second he tried to stop and just had enough momentum to carry him slowly off the edge. He bounced all the way down the steep side of the cliff and his torso made the water while his feet made the rocks uk moncler sale at the bottom. He was hurt pretty bad all in allI was working in a Lollapalooza stand where people could jump into those stunt matresses, filled with air, 3m high. Some trained firemen instructed a bunch of people on moncler outlet woodbury how to proceed in cases like this: moncler coats for men.

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