The media has a tendency to put a negative spin on the issue, mainly trying to scare the public by creating allegations about our national security being at risk. Well known news channels have played a key role in shaping the attitude that people in this country have adopted towards this issue. Can mainstream media be trusted? or do we need to rely on shows like Media Watch to expose them..

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wholesale jerseys As many as two thirds went as far as to say that they “hated” it.Across the social media platforms, Evertonians have been equally quick to voice their displeasure. On Twitter, a page named “No to new EFC badge”, which claims that the design is “a disgrace to the club’s name and heritage”, had collected more than 3,000 followers by Sunday evening. The petition, set up by Blues fan Danny Zocek, suggests that the new crest will “not only be an embarrassing crest to represent the club, but will also make the club lose money on merchandise, due to no one wanting to buy any merchandise with that awful crest printed on to it.”The petition had gathered more than 12,000 signatures in a little over 24 hours, up until Sunday evening.Everton, though, have gone to great lengths to explain the rationale behind the decision to change the crest.An article posted on the club’s website stated that: “It combines four historic elements of the previous badge the tower, the shield, our name and the year of our formation to form a concise, modern and dynamic representation of Everton.”From the very outset of a process which began in Autumn 2012, the club’s in house design team talked to fans about our crest, its significance, its meaning and the importance of the individual components.”The project team received feedback on initial concepts from the club’s Fans’ Forum a wide spectrum of Evertonians including season ticket holders, supporters’ club officials, corporate members, shareholders and fans from the Everton Disabled Supporters Association wholesale jerseys.