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wholesale jerseys from china ASHEVILLE Outdoor sports and some of its biggest names will converge on the mountains this weekend in a burst of extreme athleticism and autumn splendor.While the last of the leaf lookers will be hitting the scenic drives and trails, three epic mountain sporting events will take place Saturday: The Shut In Ridge Trail Run, the Green River Narrows Race and the inaugural Bookwalter Binge Charity Gran Fondo.Spaces are still open for the Bookwalter Binge, which is a bike ride, not a race, and for the Green River Race, but Shut In is full. All three are open to spectators, with a chance to check out fall leaves, and meet and greet the elite athletes an added bonus for free.Shut In Ridge Trail RunThe true original, granddaddy, bucket list race for any hard core trail runner is the Shut In. Not only is the 18 mile race on single track and slick, fallen leaves, climbing some 3,000 feet in elevation hard to run, it’s hard just to sign up.Race director Norm Blair, owner of Jus’ Running and a 10 time Shut In runner himself, said the field for the 35th annual race filled to capacity of 225 runners in four days this year wholesale jerseys from china.

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