Well, that was ur opinion and I respect that. But in my humble opinion, what I see is ‘hidayah’ from Allah come in various form. Some through sermon, some maybe an incident, and there’s some coming after reading books, when they gain some knowledge then something trigger inside them to embrace Islam and maybe practice to be a better Muslim..

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Plastic mould “Trump is terrifying. His entire administration, they have no respect for women or our rights,” said 49 year old Adina Ferber, who took a vacation day from her job at an art gallery to attend a demonstration in New York http://www.cq-mould.com City. Secretary General Ant Guterres said leadership positions are predominantly held by men, and “outdated attitudes and entrenched male chauvinism” are widening the economic gender gap. Plastic mould

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Silicone mould The tiny housing for homeless movement sprang out of the Occupy movement in Eugene, Oregon. What was once an Occupy camp slowly became a tent city for the homeless, which became an idea. Andrew Heben and some others worked with the city, which donated land for a tiny house community, to create a solution Silicone mould.