Mile 949 – Green Turtle Bay

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  • October 27, 2014

October 22nd

Mile 949 Ohio River – Green Turtle Bay, KY

We all woke just before sunrise to prepare for the day ahead. We captured some beautiful images of the sunrise this morning, pulled anchor and headed out to complete the Ohio river to move on to Green Turtle Bay, KY. Our first challenge was going to be Lock 52 which is notorious for being painfully long, to our surprise they had the wicket dams down and we were able to glide right over the top with no waiting at all. After this point it was decision time, either take the Tennessee River to the Kentucky Lock or cruise up the Ohio a little further to the Cumberland River and Lock through the Barkley Lock into Barkley Lake. I phoned the Kentucky Lock and was informed that they had 4 doubles coming through before us and each would take about 2 hours a piece, that made our decision to go 25 miles out of our way up the Cumberland that much easier.

The Ohio River

The American Queen

   We turned up the Cumberland and found an even stronger current than the Ohio had. We arrived at the Barkley Lock with no wait time and we were the sole boat in the Lock. Once we rose up 57’ to Barkley Lake we entered and continued on to Green Turtle Bay. Barkley Lake is beautiful and I would love to explore this area someday, there are a lot of large boats here too. We entered Green Turtle Bay, fueled, pumped out, and settled in for the afternoon. This had been an early cruising day since Audrey was going to meet back up with us to finish out the trip. Audrey arrived around 5:30, we unloaded the car and headed to dinner at “Pattis 1880 Settlement”. Pattis is about the only place in town that is close by and they are famous for their 2” pork chops, Eric and I decided we must have these. Pattis is very interesting to say the least, they have just about everything under one roof that a tourist might want to see.   We finished our meals and headed back to the boat for an early start in the morning.

The Barkley Lock

Docked in Green Turtle Bay

Patti’s 1880 Settlement 2″ Pork Chop

Tomorrow we head for Clifton, TN.