Uniforms have to be dry cleaned, ” a 4th generation member Paul Danbom said.That’s because they’ll be sporting solid silver saddles when they hit the pavement with their palominos.”Saddles are antique, made in the 1930’s and 40’s and you can’t buy them like this anymore,” Locke said.The cowboys and cowgirls will also sparkle in embellished uniforms made in Hollywood, shine with a gold embroidered sheriff’s star on their backs and the horses won’t walk, they’ll trot while keeping in formation.”So we’re talking five (horses) wide, three deep. It will look very nice,” Michael Mendes said, who’s been with the posse for about eight years. “Everyone will be carrying American flags.

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The development is some long awaited good news for the Mint Farm, which the city laid out more than two decades ago hoping to lure employers and thousands of jobs. Pacific Coast Fertilizer would nearly double the current level of employment there a little over 100 jobs. The fertilizer plant is targeted for a site where a wood truss plant shuttered briefly after opening early last decade, scotching hopes that it would create 400 jobs.

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