Kaskaskia Lock – Anchor Mile 949 Ohio River

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  • October 23, 2014

October 21st

Kaskaskia River Lock – Mile 949 (Ohio River)

We were given the fortune of a beautiful morning to make a very long run today of 150 miles after a great night at the Kaskaskia lock. The sun was shining so bright that it was almost painful to look through the wheelhouse glass until the sun could rise high enough. The Miss was running pretty fast and the majority of the day was spent at 1080 RPM running 15.5 mph (MOVIN) for a 85,000 LB boat!

Today was spent calling tow Captains asking for permission to pass and making time to get to the Ohio where we knew that we could probably cut our speed in half against the current. We turned into the Ohio and it was as if someone pumped the brakes, our speed went from 15.5 down to 7. For the next 49 miles we brought our RPM up a bit to make at least 10. We had a few blessings today and one was Lock 53 having their wicket dams lowered so we breezed right over the top.


As the sun was setting we found our anchorage at mile marker 949. We proceeded to set our anchors and set anchor alarms so we would know if we had moved even a little. As luck (or skill?) would have it we were set very well and didn’t budge all night. This was our first time anchoring in the river so we slept with one eye open and we were checking outside almost every hour to be certain all was well. The tow Captains decided to get chatty at about 2:30 AM and kept it up until morning on the VHF radios to add to the excitement.


Tomorrow we head for the dreaded lock 52 on the Ohio, either turn into the Tennessee or Cumberland Rivers and head for Green Turtle Bay.

Capt. Ray Bock