Green Turtle Bay, KY – Clifton, TN

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  • November 3, 2014

October 23rd

Green Turtle Bay, KY to Clifton, TN

After a nice rest at Green Turtle we are now full of Diesel, 2″ Pork Chops, Water, and now we have Audrey again!  We set out today at daylight having to navigate through some fog on Barkley Lake and traverse through the Barkley Canal.  I find it very cool that the two lakes connect so easily without any locks at all. Once through the canal Nightingale was now on Kentucky Lake which is also basically the Tennessee River.

Barkley Canal
The Abandoned Bridge And Loading Dock On The Tenn.

  This was a long day and a pretty uneventful run, we did about 140 miles and ended up in the dark which we knew going into this.  The river is pitch black at night and you need to exercise extreme caution in heavy traffic areas, luckily this was a very calm night with almost no barge traffic.  Once it was dark Eric prepared dinner and broke out the night vision, which obviously was a huge help in addition to our stellar Raymarine Gps, Chartplotter, and Radar.

10347714_10203059154867618_4850832787078166177_n 10625079_10203059156467658_1929958742774357410_n
iPhone looking through the night vision scope and our Raymarine plotter keeping us safe.

     Clifton has a very narrow entrance that is easily passed up if you aren’t looking closely.  We had called ahead to make sure we had space in their small marina and were directed to tie to the fuel dock for the night.  We found that the marina owner had stayed late and was kicking back on a few adult beverages in the store, so we didn’t feel too bad! After settling in, all retired to bed to be ready for another early morning and long day. Tomorrow we head for Bay Springs, MS.

Clifton, TN Marina fuel dock where we ended our night.

Capt. Ray Bock