Clifton, TN To Bay Springs, MS

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  • November 3, 2014

October 24th

Clifton, TN To Bay Springs, MS

Woke up to some very thick fog, waited it out for about a half hour and decided to just push ahead and get on our way. At times the fog was so thick I could barely see the bow pulpit, we ran like this for about 2 hours and then magically the fog lifted and treated us to one of the most beautiful days we have seen yet.

Pea Soup Fog

     We only had one lock today and it was over 50′ that we would be giving us a lift to Pickwick Lake. We will still make about 95 miles while making some great time!  Once in Pickwick Lake we saw some beautiful homes and very nice marinas, I really do think I could live here.
Pickwick Lock and a Beautiful Broward Yacht

     This section takes us to the divide cut, this is a man made canal that connects several lakes and rivers. I read that this section took more manpower and moved more land than the Panama Canal did when it was first built which is pretty incredible.

10410383_719767085540_6729538592396880150_n SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES
The divide cut on a gorgeous day!

     Today was so beautiful that we stopped for a moment to drop down the dinghy and Eric went for a blast along at 35 mph for a change of pace from our normal 11-12 on Nightingale. We were so close to the marina that he actually went ahead to the marina and picked up some packages that we had sent there prior from Amazon.

     Bay Springs Marina is a nice facility in the middle of nowhere with a very eclectic group of boats all the way from large house boats to motor yachts.
Bay Springs Marina

Sunset while grilling on the bridge of Nightingale

Tomorrow we head for Columbus, MS.

Capt. Ray Bock