Channahon, IL To Ottawa, IL

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  • October 17, 2014

October 15, 2014

Harborside Marina To Heritage Harbor – Ottawa, IL

Woke up very early after an extremely long day prior to see that we had met up with our friends from New Buffalo Yacht Club, Capt. Steve and Andrea Kelly had been docked on the other side of the marina for a few days, they were also departing today as well.

I still had to perform the fix on the gen so we left about an hour after they did, we thankfully now have reliable generator power. The moment we pulled out of the fuel dock at Harborside I called the Dresden Lock to see their status and was informed that I should hammer down and get there since there had been several tugs and tows that needed to go through and we could lock through with another pleasure-craft, the Old Glory! We locked down 34’ and departed after about 30 minutes with Old Glory. We proceeded to the Marseilles lock and ended up having to tie to a cell for the first time, a cell is a large round concrete and steel “island” for tows to hitch up with while waiting for their turn at the lock. This ended up being about 3 hours we waited.

Locking through Dresden Lock behind the “City Of Ottawa”

“Old Glory” Locking through behind us in Dresden Lock

Tied to one of the “cells” outside Marseilles Lock

Really strange to tie to one of these safely

Locking through Marseilles Lock after a long wait with “City Of Ottawa” again

After being tired, wet, hungry and thirsty we decided to pull into Heritage Harbor in Ottawa, IL. This is a fantastic marina facility and they even have free courtesy cars which we took full advantage of and stocked up on some other items we had previously forgotten at home. Luckily they had a great restaurant and bar on site with great burgers, beers and appetizers. The Kelly crew came up to join us for a couple drinks and we all decided to turn in for the evening early to get a jump on the next day. Tomorrow we head to Peoria where we will dock at the Peoria Public docks, these used to be a “daytime only” “no overnight docks but even the cruising guides state to ignore those rules.

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