Beardstown, IL to Alton, IL

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  • October 22, 2014

October 19th

     Tied to the Logsdon barge at 3:00 A.M. I was awaken by the generator alarm stating that it had shut down on its own again.  We reset the breaker and the generator fired back up immediately but we elected to keep it shut down for the next couple of hours until we left.  We had awoke again around 6:00 to get ready to leave for the day and at sun up we got out of dodge.  The first few miles were very calm and serene until we ran into a small amount of fog near a bridge where visibility went to almost zero in no time flat.



We wound through the Illinois River for 88.5 miles through the LaGrange Lock until Grafton, IL where we met with the mighty Miss!  We cruised through the Grafton area towards our destination of Alton, IL and spotted Old Glory and another Hatteras doing the loop at Grafton harbor.


We pulled into Alton around 4:30 and proceeded to the fuel dock to re-fuel, pump out, and fill with water before they closed for the evening. Alton Marina directed us to the T-Head on the end of F dock and we settled in for the night. After asking a few people around the marina where the best place to eat was, they unanimously said Tony’s and we were off.  While in the cab on the way to dinner we learned about the flood of 1993 and the worlds tallest man who was from Alton.

When we got back from dinner, Eric shot a time lapse of the bridge in Alton.
On to Kaskaskia Lock for the next leg.

Capt. Ray Bock