That inspired a movement to reclaim Thanksgiving. Outdoor goods retailer REI earned kudos from customers last year for closing not only on Thanksgiving but also on Black Friday. Nearly 500 government agencies, nonprofitsand businesses around the country have pledged to participate in REI’s OptOutside promotion this year, encouraging outdoor activities on what used to be retailers’busiest shopping day..

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fake ray bans The original Glock 17, the model adopted by the Austrian army, contained only 36 parts and could hold 17 bullets in its magazine. It didn’t have an external safety like other semiautomatic handguns. It also didn’t have a decocking mechanism. The retailer’s online Cyber Monday deals beginning on Black Friday include sunglasses from Prada starting at $99 and from Ray Ban, Gucci, Miu Miu and Cartier.Wal Mart is expanding its product mix from a growing number of outside merchants that sell on its website’s Marketplace program. It’s similar to various third party, small and large businesses that sell through Amazon or eBay.Wal Mart said Monday that it has tripled its online assortment this year from 8 million to more than 23 million items.Last summer cheap ray bans, Wal Mart added 250 merchants to its marketplace program, and hundreds more have been added since. These merchants sell the upscale brands, including Frye and Ugg boots, that could broaden Wal Mart’s customer reach. fake ray bans

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cheap ray bans Bernard Sanders and oppose Hillary Clinton, the eventual nominee.She also has called out Mr. Obama for refusing to say Islamic terrorism, which was also a frequent criticism from Mr. Trump on the campaign trail.After the meeting, Ms. Objections to the encroachment of wind energy installations don’t fit the environmentalists’ narrative. Many of those same activists routinely demonize natural gas and hydraulic fracturing even though the physical footprint of gas production is far smaller than that of wind. MacKay, then a professor at the University of Cambridge, calculated that wind energy requires about 700 times more land to produce the same amount of energy as a fracking site cheap ray bans.

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