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cheap jordans Leaders who want to build high levels of trust need to clarify expectations all the time. It’s not enough to say something once. You need to say it often and have regular check ins to make sure people’s receivers are tuned to your transmitter. If you have a very specific outcome in mind, make sure you communicate it. Don’t expect people to develop telepathic powers! If you have a particular expectation in terms of how a report will look, provide an example. If you know the data you want, explain what it is. If you have specific selection criteria, communicate them. It’s not fair to leave people guessing whether something is due next week or next month. You should also identify the “critical path,” that is, decisions upon which other decisions are contingent and dependent. For example, in opening a new store, the construction schedule will affect hiring, promotions, acquiring inventory and so forth. Sharing the timetables for critical path issues and monitoring those timetables is necessary to ensure strong levels of trust.A key part of clarifying expectations is giving people context so they understand why a given decision is important. How does this fit within our overall vision and goals? Why are we focusing on this product line now? As a middle manager for a large retail chain told me: “My job is to communicate the rationales for our decisions, enlarge understanding, and provide light through the trees.”As you make this quantum leap in managing decisions, clarifying expectations, and delegating decisions, you begin building a Light Speed culture. As shown below, a Light Speed culture is one where people focus on the overall goal and their role in achieving it. The “we/they” distinction disappears. What emerges is a culture in which people act both like leaders and followers simultaneously.Stage 1: The Hierarchical CultureA culture in cheap jordans for sale which decisions are made by a boss or series of bosses. Communication, for the most part, is one way, top to bottom.Stage 2: The Goal Driven CultureA culture in which people are encouraged to achieve common goals. Communication is more dynamic, because goals are being articulated and tied to performance measures.Stage 3: The Values Based CultureA culture in which people make decisions based on shared understanding of what is essential to the company’s success and related performance information. Communication is complex, because people are empowered to make decisions.Stage 4: The Light Speed CultureA culture in which the “we/they” dichotomy dissolves, and everyone is united in a seamless system of communication and performance. Communication is highly complex, because everyone feels empowered to lead and follow simultaneously cheap jordans.

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