Buddy saw this in Indiana

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cheap moncler outlet moncler sale outlet It could also be interpreted as using cold war imagery to emphasize the long history of mutual distrust, based on differences in ideology, and the presence of a fifth column within this country. Regardless of stated ideological differences, Putin and Stalin seem similar to some, even if the current political government type does not match based on labels. moncler sale outlet cheap moncler outlet

cheap moncler jackets cheap moncler Saying “Well, actually the current government isn communist.” is missing the emotional and rhetorical impact. It not a history lesson, it likely intention is as a call to action and a warning. Communism is a political system, not a country. I get the opinion that the billboard is calling the GOP and Russia the same thing as this point. I don see the billboard as pointing that finger at communism. cheap moncler cheap moncler jackets

moncler outlet sale moncler outlet store But I can understand how many Americans would, which gets to the real reason our Nation is where it at; our education system is purposefully counter productive. Americans are taught to accept things 1, that it, the primary purpose of an American education is to teach you how to accept things. moncler outlet store moncler outlet sale

moncler outlet uk moncler sale “Just the way we do it/has always been done. Just the way it is. That life, get used to it.” etc., moncler sale moncler outlet uk

cheap moncler coats moncler jackets outlet I know I ranting but it a sincere problem. A 200 year old world leading nation that has developed the most submissively apathetic attitude possible. I an ancom so of course I have no love for the USSR. But the hammer and sickle is a general symbol of communism as well as a state https://www.thebeastmark.com symbol of the Soviet Union. And even if it wasn it absolutely conflates the two ideas in the American popular imaginary. This billboard is comparing the Republicans to autocratic Soviet leadership and calling them communists. The comments in this thread are taking that ball and running with it even further. Willyfully confusing and misrepresenting ideas is a classic right wing move (ie, “the Nazis were leftists!” or “the Democrats are the party of the Klan!”) Calling Trump or the GOP communists is a futile tactic that only serves to obscure the facts. moncler jackets outlet cheap moncler coats

moncler outlet moncler outlet uk Thy said something along the lines of “I don want to see it [kneeling] it ruins my entertainment. I glad the NFL is punishing people who don follow the rules. moncler outlet uk moncler outlet

cheap moncler cheap moncler outlet But he makes no effort whatsoever to contact local resistance groups in the areas where he putting them. I live in OH 04 and this jackass put up a billboard saying “Is Moncler Outlet Putin paying Jim Jordan to stop the FBI Russia investigation?” It absurd. First off, that a far out loony conspiracy theory that even the vast majority of us active resistance members don believe for a single damn second as there is zero evidence to suggest any such thing, and secondly, this district is very very very deep red and he not going to make anyone think twice with a sign like that. People will just read that, go “lol no”, and keep driving as they should, because it ridiculous. He not doing us any favors in fact, if anything, he only making us look worse with his outlandish claims that get pinned on us just because the sign is in our area, which in turn delegitimizes our entire movement and hurts the image which we desperately need to maintain. Ever since that sign went up, our groups have have to defend ourselves multiple times against backlash from people on every part of the political spectrum, not just right wingers. We shouldn be having to waste our time on shit like that. cheap moncler outlet cheap moncler

moncler sale cheap moncler coats To put it simply, this guy is an asshole. He doesn do a damn bit of research, nor does he think for even a minute on how his signs will be received. Had he contacted us first, we have told him that sign was a horrible idea cheap moncler coats moncler sale.

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